What Will Website Be Like In 100 Years?

What will the Internet look like in 100 years?

The Internet is a strange and wonderful place, full of magic and mystery and videos of kittens doing cute kitten things. The digital world evolves so quickly, though — can you even imagine what the Internet will look like 100 years from now?

The team at WhoIsHostingThis.com has given us several interesting graphics in the past that offer visual explanations and explorations of all sorts of fascinating topics. Recent offerings include a closer look at the six organizations that secretly run the Internet and a guide that taught us how to find the invisible Internet.

Now, the team is back with a new graphic that explores what the Internet of the future might look like.

Will the Web even exist as we know it today? Some people believe a newer, more sophisticated network will take its place in the near future. Just about everything around us will be connected to this new Internet, and emerging technologies such as virtual reality and real-time language translation will be everywhere.

In fact, real-time language translation technology will even be available for face-to-face conversations, according to some predictions.

Further down the road, we may be able to do things with the Internet that seem like fantasy right now, such as email tangible objects, sign documents or authenticate logins with DNA, or even meet people using holographic technology.

Other nifty technologies that might exist include books that feature “sensory fiction” in order to provide physical experiences alongside stories, and even implantable Internet-connected devices.

What else might the future of the connected world have in store? Check out the graphic below to find out.

Written by
Casimir Williamson
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